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Hikouki Tomodachi Hikouki Tomodachi

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Pretty cool game but the game can be more polished if a 16 bit look was adopted.

You could create sprite versions of your original drawings and it'll look more like a retro video game.

Other than that.

It was enjoyable.

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Aqua Phobia Man Aqua Phobia Man

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Interesting game but it's like a used car

I'm surprised that you have shown some level of action script programming knowledge to make this simple avoid game.

I would rate this at the average level but it is not really a stand out game that i will likely remember since it is just so average.

I think it would be more interesting to think up a brand new gaming engine all together instead of recycling an engine used so many times.

Think of it like a used car while it is still a lot of fun it is no match for brand new car complete with new car smell.

Your game was great but it just lacked that new car smell of creating a brand new gaming engine would have brought.


Vuvu Hero Vuvu Hero

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Honestly this felt more like a homage than a spoof

I could easily critique the whole unoriginality of the gaming engine but i won't since this advice would not apply to parodies.

Parodies are inherently already unoriginal to begin with but there is still a lot of creative energy that goes into targeting another creative endeavor for satire.

I liked the idea of keeping the controls simple to the point that even the smallest of child can pick up on it.

since a horn is not a guitar and would never have stings to it in the first place and this was a good idea.

The layout, menu design and everything was polished and well designed however i still felt underwhelmed by the finished product.

I'm sorry but i felt this to be an average parody of guitar hero.


Shooter 1 Shooter 1

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Great coding but the gameplay still needs

This game is clearly a first attempt at action scripting but the engine us very much uninspired and bland.

It was challenging to the point that was basically damn near impossible to even beat one level.

it's actually really agitating playing each level but it shouldn't be that difficult to just beat the levels when games with better engines are easier to play.

it's one thing to make a challenging game but another to make an almost unplayable game.

Your coding is great but as i said the game play needs work.


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Info Placeholder Info Placeholder

Rated 5 / 5 stars

pretty cool

If many people were at this flash at the same time a conversation could easily happen.

I logged in at times and i was the only one there but clearly not the only person that stopped by.

If you could somehow up the number of views this chat has than you can easily have a party going down.

excellent programming.


Balloono Balloono

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

pretty good rip off of bomberman

It's a good gaming engine you constructed there but the problem is that another game already used this engine before.

It's the generic kinda crap you see on other websites all over the internet made by so called professionals.

There is no reason you can't take the time to create a brand new engine that doesn't rip off other gaming engines off of already existing popular games.

The game was very fun to play much like bomberman itself or a bellow mediocre space shooter game but i likely won't remember this game and move on.

You got the ability to program games in the first place so why not use some of that imagination of yours to create something brand new entirely.


It's a Nice Day Today It's a Nice Day Today

Rated 2 / 5 stars

I wish i had thought of this

I wouldn't picture this game being the stuff of daily feature but underdog of the week instead.

but even so it is a good little novelty and the fact it insults the user base here and here is a shocker there actually eating it up shows that they do in fact have a sense of humor.

The achievement was a nice touch and sends the message to go outside already.

This little creation really drives the point home that you should be outside instead of playing flash games telling you to go outside.

It's extremely short like about under 15 seconds and this when you actually go outside right when this game tells you to.

The fact it was too short makes it's message more effective and on actual nice days it makes you want to go outside more than you do already.

we as human beings have a natural drive to want to go outside but we also have an internet addiction but nice days outside usually override the urge to go outside.

when the kid closed the window to masturbate was a less than subtle attack on your critics and audience a like.

oddly it came out as kinda of a friendly joke and for the future when you do another creation such as this.

I would make this a little more mean spirited and assume that your audience is gonna hate it such as calling your audience and critics offensive school yard insults.

You never know even more people would love it or hate it but the chances of this sorta things is unpredictable.

With things that exist to only look cool or video game parodies you know where you stand but with things like this.

It's all unpredictable and this would be something i would call an example of something that i would consider to be a very good spam submission.

something this ballsy was successful still shocks me in fact it is a little overrated instead of underrated

and that doesn't mean i hate this game because this is in fact something i wish i had thought of in the first place as i said.

But it wouldn't be nearly as effective or even as good for that matter because everything you did with this was so pretty much right for it.

Maybe the fact it has such acclaim forces your audience to pay attention or else but still more people need to see this because some kids here take internet drama way too seriously when it is in fact harmless.


a07 a07

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Very creative horror game you got here

I like the tense atmosphere you created through the game with the colors you selected and the sounds you picked.

it even looks like a spam submission at a first glance and the appeal of horror is that it sometimes scares you away but curiosity attracts you anyways.

This in of itself is you using an effective technique to make an entertaining horror submission but while all this was great including the screams of terror on some parts.

It just wasn't scary in my point of view because it lacked a sense of danger, a sense of shock and while this may not be needed but sometimes a sense of humor adds entertainment value to a horror movie/game.

The tense atmosphere as i said was great and the simple approach also worked great because the scariest horror movies also happened to be the least polished.

Horror speaks to our most primitive part of our brains and when it is effective it is at it's most scary.

You kept violence, blood and gore to a minimum and this is also effective because you need to sometimes to keep it to a minimum when you want anykind of shock out of your audience when they see it.

Shock helps a little since it plays on the audiences own perversion to keep there attention.

Your game needed a sense of danger mixed with suspense and some shock to be a little more scary.

All you had was a tense atmosphere and mild surprises when you entered the wrong keys.


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Pachira responds:

Thank you for your review. I do feel that some parts should be more scary, especially the PCstat and aRav areas. I understand how you feel with regards to the sense of danger, as most of it doesn't feel dangerous.
Thank you for complementing my choice of colour. I feel that dull pictures are more deathy than greyscale pictures.
I really didn't want to use blood and gore in this movie, and I think it came out much better than if there were severed heads and stuff. Just really ugly people is all you need to be scary.
You say there wasn't a sense of shock? I tried to make it shocky using the screaming things. Do you mean it was more surprise than shock?
I think I will expand on this movie and perhaps release a newer version based on what you have told me. Thanks for reviewing!

Swine Flu: Pork-Pocalypse Swine Flu: Pork-Pocalypse

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Oh my god how can you make fun of the swine flu

This game is very insensitive to those that have the swine flu and that is why i love it.

Kinda testament to just about everyones hypocrisy here such as it's okay to joke about one tragic thing and not another.

It's almost as if making swine flu games is a safe bet here but seeing all these swine flu games and movies kinda brings newgrounds back to it's roots.

It's all fun at the expense of people that caught the swine flu but to be honest I'm all for it because I've built my own flash career around having fun at the expense of others.

It would make me a hypocrite if i wasn't.

I find it interesting how most people here that normally draw the line at any kind of flash that relates to any kinda human misery is somehow wrong to make are not the least bit shocked by this very game.

Even when the first swine flu game came out.

Noone was shocked and in fact had a good time with it.

This doesn't necessarily mean that the people who enjoy these sorta games or movies don't give a shit about the victims of swine flu or anykinda of tragic event.

It only means they saw something that made them laugh and move on with there daily lives.

The game itself was actually a lot of fun and this sort of thing is very much needed for just about everybody so they can relax and not freak out over the swine flu too much.

There are however things you do to prevent the swine flu such as doing all the normal stuff you do to avoid the regular flu.

wear a germ proof mask whenever necessary and if you do have flu symptoms than for god sakes stay inside your house so that you don't spread your germs.

Killing the pigs that caused the swine flu in the first place also helps.

You can even make it a game so it would be as fun as the submission you just played.


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Fire Kills Fire Kills

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Pretty cool game you got here.

It's simple graphics look great and i would assume this was produced by someone who makes these kinda things for a living.

The game itself was extremely well optimized.

for being under 1 k it is just amazing in general but despite the gaming engine being original rather than a rip off of other engines it was just an all around average game at the most.

But as i said the fact that is so well optimized brings your score up.